Resources and folks I like to learn more from.

Karsten Hahn

Krasten has a great Youtube Channel with a ton of malware analysis, classification, with a verity of malware families.

Collin Hardy

Colin has a great Youtube Channel with quite a few videos regarding malware analysis and tool tutorials.

Fabian Wosar

Fabian only has one video as far as I know but it's 3 hours and it shows the process of reversing and writing a decryptor from start to finish.


Another fantasctic Youtube Channel to watch malware reversing and analysis.


openanalysis is a team of researchers that put out some really indepth malware analysis and reversing on Youtube. OpenAnalysis website


@executemalware is a malware hunter/analyist with a great Website with A lot of writeups regarding honey pots, Phishing sites, general malware hunting and malware analysis.

Please Read

DO NOT work with malware on a machine you care about. Please use one of the Virtualization softwares to create virtual environments to work safely in. E.g. VirtualBox, VMWARE. Remember to take snapshots of the Virtual Machine after setting it up with all of your tools and before you detonate malware.

Suggestions, Comments, Feedback

Feedback or new tool suggestions are extremely welcome! None of the tools mentioned were created by me. Please feel free to reach out on Twitter @FourOctets

This entire design is based off @jnordine hard work on the OSINT-Framework. If you want to give anything, give it to him. He deserves it for all his hard work. Twitter: @jnordine Github: